Learn more about Chef Stephan's story and all the details of our common areas, such as the pool, kitchen and our beautiful gallery



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Stephan Pluchino


Stephan was born on Staten Island, NY.  He graduated high school and attended the New York restaurant School, where he received an associate's degree in restaurant management & Culinary Arts. Since then, before 2015, he worked in every position in the restaurant. Started as a back-of-house cook he become a chef and then moved to the front of the house where he started as a server and worked until he become a manager

 While doing so he traveled, from State Island to Manhattan, South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina, after 2015, he become a caregiver and he traveled to 16 countries in 3 years, which you can see in his cooking. Since then he even owned a farm with cows, donkeys, goats, chickens, and peacocks before relocating to Oasis in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, and has never been happier, almost forgot! He brought his mom and dogs with him



Wait to see the pool we have here at oasis! Our pool is the only one like it for miles and miles to come.


Oasis has a brand new beautiful pool. After reconstructing the previous one we've decided to rebuild it with the aesthetic of the rainforest! Totally redone what natural rock and both the pool and hot tub have matching waterfalls! Essentially, this is creating River water!!  


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Enjoy the best that nature has to offer with our new Oasis hot tub. With a natural design and beautiful colors.

Our hot tub is a true oasis on our retreat. We think you’ll enjoy soaking in the pool during your stay, so we strive to create a natural experience for those who love hot tubs but also want a relaxing and quiet break from technology.


Enjoy the central Pacific of Costa Rica in the most natural way possible without putting aside your high traveler standards, in our retreat you will truly feel in the jungle of Costa Rica.

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Our kitchen here at Oasis is just that… An oasis! Our gallery has a collection of sculpture statues, and a Crystal geode collection.





Chef Stephan took four months to design, plan and have his dream kitchen brought to life! In this room, he used many colors to heighten your senses. The beautiful cabinetry is a vibrant blue lined with natural wood. This combination brings in feelings of tranquility and trust while opening your curiosity and appetite. The wood trim brings you back to nature and grounds you. All of the countertops are made of white quartz which purifies negative energy, aids in concentration and memory, and also connects you to nature. The surrounding paint is a neutral tan to bring out the other colors of the kitchen but also bring you feelings of comfort simplicity and a cozy environment. This beautiful cooking area is equipped with two Whirlpool refrigerator-freezers and dishwashers, a KitchenAid range top and microwave, and both a standard GE oven and a French door opening oven. The beautiful range top is situated in the center of an over 9 ft (3 meters) Island with a stainless steel oven hood exhaust. To finish off this beautiful kitchen we have a restaurant-quality espresso machine, drip coffee machine, pour-over coffee machine, and of course a percolator 


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Right next to the kitchen is our gallery and TV area. Trimmed with the same tan color as the kitchen the vaulted ceilings have a gray Venetian finish and a purple and a black abstract design on the ceiling. The purple and black bring in feelings of luxury and mystery while mixing Elegance sophistication power and strength when adding black. The beautiful gray Venetian gives you emotions of intellect and compromise while feeling cool and balanced. It's known to be a moody color that brings it a cool and neutral feeling.


Here in this room, we have our living area with a TV and dining area with a handmade, unique teak table made by a local farmer by hand. To finishoff the tour of this room you'll see chef Stephan's gallery with miscellaneous pieces of his artwork, a collection of sculpture statues, and a Crystal geode collection. If you have an interest in healing crystals this might be your favorite room

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